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Why does laser cutting require gas?

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There are differences in the auxiliary gases used in laser cutting machines to process different materials. The pressure and requirements of the auxiliary gas are different for different cutting thicknesses. In terms of cost, the carbon steel for cutting carbon steel is relatively cheap, and the amount of nitrogen for cutting carbon steel is large. The thicker stainless steel has high requirements for nitrogen consumption and purity, and the cost is relatively large. The auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine is mainly used in:
1, laser gas (the gas used to generate laser light in the laser generator)
2, compressed air (usually used to protect the light path, some manufacturers are also used to protect the gas)
3, auxiliary gas (saying the gas ejected from the cutter cutting nozzle)
The oxygen used for cutting carbon steel has a purity requirement of generally 99.5% or higher. The main function is to help burn and blow off the cut slag. The pressure and flow rate vary from manufacturer to laser cutting machine, which is inseparable from the size of the cutting nozzle and the thickness of the cutting material. Generally, the pressure is 0.3-0.8Mpa, and the cutting part is generally 0.02-0.05Mpa. The flow is not good, such as cutting 22mm carbon steel, some manufacturers have a flow rate of 10M3 / h (including the protection of oxygen for double-layer cutting nozzle)
Nitrogen is used to cut stainless steel. The role is to eliminate the oxidation reaction and blow off the slag. The purity of nitrogen is high. The pressure requirement is relatively large. Generally, it requires more than 1Mpa. If you want to cut stainless steel of 12mm or more, or thicker to 25mm, the pressure is higher, 2Mpa or higher. The flow rate varies according to the type of the cutting nozzle, but it is very large. For example, some manufacturers need to cut 150mm stainless steel to 150m3/h and cut 3mm, as long as the flow rate is below 50m3/h.

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