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How to protect laser power source in summer?

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Summer is coming, temperatures are rising and rainfall is frequent. While doing a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, we also remind everyone to give the laser a suitable environment to spend the rainy season and hot days.
Condensation is likely to occur when the laser cooling water temperature is set below the dew point temperature. Condensation can cause damage to the electrical and optical components of the laser and can even cause component failure. In order to avoid condensation, the environmental conditions under which the laser is placed must be within certain limits.
Environmental requirements:
1, laser working environment temperature: 10 ° C – 40 ° C;
2, laser working environment humidity: 10% - 80%;
3. Avoid the condensation environment when the laser is working. The specific control standards are as follows:

Remarks: The above figure is the environmental dew point query table. The junction temperature of the temperature and humidity parameters is the "dew point temperature" in this environment. Example: At the intersection of the above figure, when the laser working environment temperature is 35 ° C and the relative humidity is 60%, the laser water cooler temperature is lower than or equal to 26.2 ° C. The inside of the machine will dew.
How to prevent laser condensation:
1. The independent space environment where the laser is placed is lower than 35 °C;
2. The humidity of the independent space in which the laser is placed is less than 60%;
3. It is recommended that the equipment cabinet adopt a sealed design and install industrial air conditioner to keep the inside of the cabinet constant temperature and humidity, which can effectively avoid laser condensation;
4. High-power lasers, when conditions permit, build an air-conditioned room separately, the laser can effectively avoid condensation in such an environment;
5. When the ambient temperature and humidity are too high, the laser will have a dehumidification process for about 30 minutes when it is turned on. This is a normal situation, and the laser can be restarted after the condensation alarm is released.
5. The cooling water temperature requirement of the laser QBH interface is relatively loose. The double-temperature dual-control chiller can be set to raise the water temperature higher than the dew point, but the water temperature should not be higher than 30 °C;
6. When the device is deactivated, please turn off the stop laser and water cooler at the same time.
What should I do if the laser is dew?
1. If the laser is found to have condensation, stop it immediately;
2. Wipe the condensate on the laser casing and clean it until the condensation is completely eliminated.
3. Cooling and dehumidifying the environment to within the required area;
Summer rain laser protection:
In summer, there are many thunderstorms. In order to avoid damage to the laser during heavy rain, please disconnect the total power of the laser, and do the high-level control of the electric control cabinet, laser, and chiller to prevent huge maintenance costs. Workshops with low-rise workshops should be staffed, guarded against floods and floods, and minimized property losses. If the device is wading, do not blindly power on the test.

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