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The cause and solution of burrs on the edge of laser cutting metal.

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When the laser cutting machine is cutting,as long as the correct method is used, there is generally no problem, and the cutting effect is also very good. However, if you use a laser cutting machine to cut some burrs, you need to pay attention to it. It is best to find out the specific reasons and solve them in time. Laser cutting machines are common in sheet metal processing. Due to their high processing efficiency and high quality of finished products, they have become the standard for sheet metal processing plants. However, some customers use laser cutting machines to cut out the burrs of the workpiece. Many people think that the quality of the laser cutting machine is not a problem. In the process of sheet metal processing, the gas purity and parameter setting of the laser cutting machine will affect the processing quality, the equipment, gas and parameters are adjusted correctly, and the cut workpiece is free of burrs.
how to solve fiber laser metal cutting machine burrs
How is the laser cut burr generated? In fact, burrs are excessive residue particles on the surface of metal materials. When the laser cutting machine is processing the workpiece, the energy generated by the laser beam illuminating the surface of the workpiece vaporizes the surface of the workpiece and evaporates to achieve the purpose of cutting. But there is a device here, we have to pay attention to it, it is gas. The gas is the slag that blows off the surface of the workpiece after the surface of the workpiece is vaporized. If the gas is not used, the slag is cooled and a burr is formed on the cutting surface. Therefore, the purity of the gas is high, and it can be exchanged for a higher quality gas supplier. The purity of the gas is very important. Do not use the cylinder gas, because after two fillings, the purity is not good and the gas is wasted. Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the parameter setting factors, so when the customer purchases the laser cutting machine, the experienced operator must debug the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the cutting parameters as much as possible, and the cutting speed of the pneumatic flow focal length is subject to repeated adjustments. The parameters provided by the machine are that the workpieces with high quality cannot be cut. If a piece of material has a burr, then the material can be qualitatively defective, and the more burrs, the lower the quality naturally.
Specifically, when the laser cutting machine has burrs, it can be checked and solved from the following aspects. 1. The upper and lower positions of the focus of the beam are deviated. Solution: adjust the position of the focus, adjust according to the offset position generated by it, 2, the output power of the laser cutting machine is not enough. Solution: Check if the laser cutting machine is working properly. If it is not normal, it needs timely repair and maintenance. If it is normal, check if the output value is correct. 3, the cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow. Solution: Adjust the wire cutting speed in time, 4, the purity of the gas of the cutting machine is not enough. Solution: Change the gas, 5, the offset of the laser beam of the cutting machine is offset. Solution: Debug the focus and make adjustments in time. 6, the laser cutting machine operates too long and the instability. Solution: Turn off the machine and let the machine rest.
Fiber laser cutting machine is a sophisticated machine. Often, a data error will cause its work to be abnormal. Therefore, it is necessary to be strict in work and reduce errors. These are some of the factors that may cause burrs on the laser cutting machine and specific treatment measures. I hope that everyone can solve this problem when faced with such problems.

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