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Why the price of laser cutting machine different but similar configuration?

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Someone want to buy laser cutting machines from China and found that there is a strange phenomenon--two sets of laser machine with same laser power(such as Rycus 1000w) and same working size (such as 1500*3000mm),but the price are so different,why?Because strictly speaking the laser cutters are precision cutting and long-term working machine,different mechanical design structure and assembly process level determine the quality and grade of the laser machine,these factor are not obviously but need alarge amount of R&D investment and personnel skills training.
For example China EAAK laser cutting machine,adopt at least 8mm thick steel plate for welding machine base,and at least 20mm thickness on cast iron machine base.For large size of heavy type laser machines base,we control the wall thickness at 25mm--30mm.Both the welding and cast iron machine bed need thermal aging treatment.The straightness and parallelism of guide are less than ±0.03mm.
So before care of the laser machine price,the quality is more important.

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