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Laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel

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Stainless steel laser cutting machine is higher in cost than wire cutting, and the precision is not as good as wire cutting, but the speed is twice that of wire cutting. It can realize large-volume production, and can process non-metallic materials after cutting to realize intelligent processing. One machine replaces multiple machines and becomes the core of processing equipment. It can be seen that stainless steel laser cutting is a fast and effective processing method, but the control of cutting quality is particularly important.
 To maintain the laser cutting machine, you need to do the following
When laser-cut mirror stainless steel, in order to prevent serious burns on the sheet, you need to apply a laser film! Although there is membrane protection, there will be a little burn on the edges. At this time, it is necessary to strictly control the laser cutting process parameters during the processing to maintain the good corrosion resistance of such materials. The most important process parameters that affect the quality of stainless steel cutting are cutting speed, laser power, oxygen pressure and focus.
In addition, stainless steel products in many industries require relatively high surface smoothness. What about burrs in stainless steel laser cutting laser cutting machines? The burr of stainless steel laser cutting is generally the cutting head of the cutting head. First of all, this factor should be investigated. If the cutting nozzle cannot be solved, it is necessary to check whether the movement of the laser cutting machine guide rail is stable.

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