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Advantages of laser cutting machine compared to other cutting machine

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With the continuous development and maturity of laser technology, laser equipment has been widely used in various industries, such as laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser drilling machines and laser cutting machines, etc., especially CNC laser cutting machines. Equipment has grown rapidly in recent years.
The significant advantages of CNC laser cutting machines compared to other cutting equipment are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and high precision:
2, the slit is narrow, the cutting surface is smooth, and the workpiece is not damaged;
3, not affected by the shape of the workpiece, not affected by the hardness of the material being cut;
4. In addition to processing metal materials, it can also cut non-metal materials;
5. Save mold investment, save materials, and save costs more effectively;
6, simple operation, safety, stable performance, improve the speed of new product development, with a wide range of adaptability and flexibility.

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