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UV laser marking machine

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The laser marking machine is developed by using 355NM ultraviolet laser. The machine uses the third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology to compare with the infrared laser. The 355 ultraviolet focusing spot is very small. The marking effect is to directly break the material through the short-wavelength laser. The molecular chain greatly reduces the mechanical deformation and thermal deformation of the material (cold light). Because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, it is especially suitable for high-speed marking of medical and food packaging materials, micropores and glass materials. Divided and applied to complex wafer cutting applications in silicon wafers.
Features of UV laser marking machine: widely used in aerospace equipment, integrated circuit chips, food and beverage tobacco packaging, etc.; high beam quality, very small spot, can achieve ultra-fine marking; heat affected area is very small, will not There is thermal effect, the material is not deformed, not burnt; the marking speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the performance of the whole machine is stable, the volume is small, the power consumption is low; the bar code, the two-dimensional code, the text graphic, the irregular flow number marking can be performed.
Widely used in aerospace devices, integrated circuit chips, food and beverage tobacco packaging, mobile phone buttons, batteries, electronic components, electronic parts and so on.
Suitable for all kinds of metals, alloys and some non-metallic materials.
Parameters of UV laser marking machine:

1 Specifications Model EK-UV355
2 Laser wavelength 355nm
3 Laser power 3W/5W/8W/10W/15W/20W
4 Lettering range 100×100 (optional)
5 Marking speed ≤15000mm/s
6 Beam quality N2<1.5
7 Q-switching frequency 20khz--100khz
8 Small line width 0.01mm
9 Small character 0.1mm
10 Repeatability 0.0015mm
11 Machine power 1.5kw
12 Electricity demand 220V/single phase / 50Hz/10A

Laser marking machine samples(as follows):

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