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Fiber laser marking machine

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The fiber optic cabinet type marking machine is a new-generation pipeline marking machine system developed by our company using advanced laser technology. The fiber laser is used to output the laser, and the high-speed scanning galvanometer system is used to realize the marking function. The fiber optic cabinet type marking electromechanical light conversion efficiency is high, and the air cooling method is used for cooling, the whole machine is small in size, the output light is good, and the reliability is high.
Suitable for all metal materials and some non-metallic materials.
The fiber optic cabinet type marking machine is suitable for marking various plastic buttons, laser coding of online electronic devices, chip marking and food packaging, and can also be applied to requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness. product.
Parameters of EAAK fiber laser marking machine:

1 Machine model Fiber laser marking machine
2 Laser power 20W/30W optional
3 Maximum marking speed  300 characters / sec, word height 1mm
4 Speed of light mass m2 <2
5 Laser stability rate (8 h) <±1% rms
6 Pulse repetition frequency 20KHZ-60KHZ
7 Power consumption of the whole machine <300W
8 Minimum character 0.1mm
9 Laser wavelength 1064nm
10 Galvanometer format 200×200mm (optional)
11 Working environment temperature 15°C-35°C
12 Cooling method Air cooling
13 Marking method Stationary, flight marking, rotary marking
14 Support image format All CorelDraw/AUTOCAD recognizable file formats

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