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Since the further implementation of lean production, the workshop environment has undergone a fundamental change, the production process has been further optimized, and the technical and economic indicators have been greatly improved, and remarkable achievements have been made. In 2018, the first inspection pass rate of the factory inspection reached 90, and the second pass rate was 98.5%, which ensured the quality and improved the production efficiency.
The 2018 experience summary report is as follows:First, focus on eliminating waste, and use 5S management as a means to comprehensively standardize on-site management.The implementation of lean production, on-site management is the foundation. In 2018, the workshop has done a lot of work on site environmental management, laying a good foundation for the full implementation of lean health.1. Based on the “finishing” and “reorganization”, in-depth on-site management.2. Implement “cleaning” and “cleaning” to standardize on-site management.(1) Uniform color management of each workshop, additional tool cabinets and prominent signs, updated equipment signs and fixed cards, and a large wall chart with the “Employee Safety Checklist” as the main content.(2) Each warehouse is re-made according to the principle of division, sub-frame and stratification. The shelves are divided into areas, and all the items that can be put on shelves are put on shelves. The various signs are clear at a glance.The on-site implementation of 5S management has imperceptibly affected the behavior of employees. The awareness of participation has been unprecedentedly high and the autonomy has been significantly enhanced, laying a good foundation for the in-depth implementation of lean production in the next step.3. Carry out standardization operations and carry out the 5S site management to the end.(1) Formulate operational process standards and standardize management behavior. On the basis of daily management, the workshop has designated the management standards for cleaning and overhauling; the work ticket, the three-party confirmation form, and the equipment management standards, so that all management standards are met.(2) Formulate operational action standards. On the basis of 5S management, all employees strictly follow the standardization of the "Position Operation Standards" procedure, implement the requirements of the "Safety Checklist", consciously regulate the operation behavior, and eliminate the habitual violations. In 2018, the workshop newly added 126 action standards to develop and standardize work.(3) On the basis of the above standards, in order to make lean production in-depth development in the workshop, the workshop will standardize and organize various management systems and standards, and prepare a “lean production operation instruction book” for the workshop. The in-depth development of lean production in the workshop.Second, with the help of the "Bangjian" platform to promote lean production.In the process of promoting lean production, we make full use of the excellent platform of “team construction”. The team is the most basic organization of the enterprise. By enhancing the cohesiveness of the team, it enhances the vitality of the team and achieves the goal of fully mobilizing employees and actively participating in lean production.1, rationalization proposals collection, showing employee wisdom. As the main way for employees to participate in workshop management, the rationalization proposal has given full attention to the workshop. Employees can make suggestions to the workshop through the workshop mailbox, direct submission, and team summary. In the whole year, we received a total of 800 reasonable suggestions, and adopted 500 redundant, which improved the enthusiasm of employees to find problems and solve problems.2. Create a learning organization and foster innovation. The training of “one special and many talents” creates a compound employee. Established an employee learning system, carried out a multi-functional talent training activity, enabled employees to accurately grasp the connotation of lean production, and cultivated a group of talented and comprehensive talents who understand both production and management, and improved the overall workshop. techinque level. In 2018, the workshop organized various trainings and studies for more than 80 times, and participated in 600 person-times. Six special skills such as fitter and electrician were held to select and train top talents.3. Adhere to continuous improvement and advocate technological innovation.The lean production process is the process of continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and spiraling. To implement lean production, we must adhere to the concept of continuous improvement to further streamline processes, optimize operations, and improve the ability to control production processes and indicators.

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