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Employee Activity

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On September 28, 2018, in the mountainous area of ​​southern Jinan, a total of 280 employees of EAAK came here to start a one-day team building activity.
The southern mountainous area is a kind of ecological, leisure, comfortable and close to the original ecological village life experience, people unknowingly indulge in this "slow life" away from the city. Here, EAAK employees watch the natural scenery of landscape crops, characteristic ancient villages and water towns along the greenway and hiking trails.
After the play, everyone went to the green ecological park. All the staff were divided into four teams of red, yellow, orange and blue. Each team selected the team captain and named the team. The slogan, all these procedures, were completed within the specified time. This is a test of collective intelligence and teamwork. Despite the short time, each team gave an excellent answer.
Each of the well-designed team building projects inspired everyone's interest and enthusiasm. During the cross-over event experience, the team members worked together to overcome the projects.
Among them, the card game brought the atmosphere to the climax. The game has a total of 60 cards, the numbers 1-30, 31-60 are all in a circle, each group of people will shoot all the cards from 1 to 60 in order, only one person can be stood in each circle, and the team with a short time Win.
Each team makes full use of the team's wisdom, and the methods are different: some teams only send one person to stand in the circle and find their own cards, which wastes a lot of time; some teams are surrounded by two circles, each person is responsible for touching a few The cards, everyone shouted out, the people behind can be prepared, the people standing in the circle are only responsible for the guidance, do not touch the cards, saving a lot of time. However, there are also teams that use very little time, but they are too anxious to touch the order and the results are invalid.
Through this game, everyone has different feelings: to understand the rules of the game, everyone has the obligation to understand the exact, team battle chain, you are a chain of the chain, are indispensable; have team awareness and spirit, team Every member does something to achieve a common goal; team communication is important. At the same time, everyone is fully aware that the same is true of the work. Everyone in the team is not only an individual, but also a chain in the chain. It is extremely important for everyone to perform their duties and clarify what their tasks are. of.
Every year, EAAK organizes a variety of employee activities, competitive badminton competitions, basketball games, football matches, and aggressive marathon competitions. The EAAK sound singing competition is displayed in the show, and the mid-autumn personal talent appreciation activities of the individual talent show. and many more. EAAK advocates a healthy and active way of living and working, and encourages employees to be proactive, constantly challenge themselves and persevere, and promote the EAAK team spirit.

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