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Laser cutting machine for sheet and tube

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Product description:
The exchange platform tube and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine realizes cutting of two different materials on the same machine. The plate and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine adopts cast iron bed, rack and pinion transmission system, professional cutting tube numerical control system, easy to use, simple operation and maintenance. At the same time, the rigorous assembly process ensures high-precision and stable operation of the machine. The use of imported high-end accessories greatly improves the cutting accuracy and efficiency, and is an ideal choice for economical user tube processing.
Model EK-ET3015 EK-ET4020 EK-ET6020
Working area 3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000mm
Maximum moving speed 120m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.3G
positioning accuracy
Laser power 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w/4000w
Exchange platform:
The machine is equipped with an exchange double table that can load and unload sheet metal parts during the cutting process. The workbench is equipped with a rotatable ball-type support to facilitate the movement of the plate. It is equipped with a positioning device and a clamp to vertically position the plate to prevent the plate from moving, to ensure the machining accuracy of the parts and to reduce waste. Automatic exchange platform, the equipment can be loaded and unloaded during the processing, the loading time is only 10s, which greatly shortens the working time and improves the working efficiency.
Metal pipe laser cutting machine:
1 High cutting precision, smooth cutting, clean, no burr, low material loss;
2 The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is small and there is almost no thermal deformation.
3 Mass production, high efficiency cutting. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. Conventional machining methods require very large fixtures, and laser machining can easily complete the positioning of several meters of pipe clamps, which makes batch processing possible.
The laser cutting machine is controlled by a digital system and is one of the advantages of laser cutting machines for cutting pipes. Laser-cut tubing technology can handle any programmed shape and can be cut in any direction, enabling a wide variety of cutting processes for complex tube structures such as cutting, chamfering, grooving or perforating, scoring and more.
eaak fiber laser cutting machine cast iron bed eaak fiber laser cutting machine cast aluminum cross beam
Cast iron bed:
Fiber laser cutting machine have very high machine stability requirements, and high precision and high stability machine tools help to improve the precision of laser cutting. The cast iron bed used in this machine has the following characteristics.
1 The cast bed is made of gray cast iron, which has high carbon content and is not easily deformed by heat.
2 Casting bed body, integrated molding, after aging treatment, its internal stress is almost negligible, so the stability is extremely high, which can keep the precision of the machine tool for a long time.
3 Compared with the ordinary welded bed, the cast bed is much heavier and the machine vibration is small, so that the machine tool reduces the influence from other reasons and improves the cutting precision.
4 The deformation of the casting bed is less sensitive. Because the bed is in the process of transportation and processing, there will be an inevitable accidental gap. Due to the material characteristics, the cast iron bed will not cause any change due to the gap, thus further improving the comprehensiveness of the machine tool. stability.
Cast aluminum beam:
It is manufactured using aerospace standards and extruded using a 4,300 ton press. After aging treatment, the hardness can reach T6, which is the highest hardness of all beams. Aerospace aluminum has a high enough performance index, its strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue performance and weldability are very good, more importantly, the cast aluminum beam has a lighter weight under the premise of ensuring the same performance index. It is convenient for high-speed movement during cutting and processing, and realizes rapid cutting of various types of graphics while satisfying accuracy.
High power water cooling system:

fiber laser cutting machine water cooling system 1. Temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ° C
2. Support ModBus-485 communication; there are various settings and fault display functions;
3. With a variety of alarm protection functions: compressor delay protection; compressor over-current protection; water flow alarm; temperature super high / low alarm; double pump dual temperature, to meet the different needs of fiber laser body and lens; with ion adsorption Filtration and testing, in line with the requirements of fiber lasers;
4. Multinational power supply specifications, CERoHS certification;
5. Long life and durability, easy to operate;
6. Optional heater and clean water configuration.The chiller supports the modbus communication protocol, which can realize the communication between the laser system and multiple chillers. It can mainly realize two major functions: monitoring the working state of the chiller and modifying the parameters of the chiller.
Fiber laser cutter sample:
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