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Laser cutter with exchange worktable

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Application of fiber laser cutting machine:
It can cut all kinds of metal plates, pipes, and is mainly used for rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy plates, rare metals, etc.
Widely used in: kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis cabinets, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting processing and other industries.
Principle of fiber laser cutting machine:
The fiber laser cutting machine adopts the international advanced fiber laser to output a high-energy density laser beam, and focuses on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece is instantly melted and vaporized, and the spot illumination is moved by the numerical control mechanical system. Automatic cutting is achieved. It is a high-tech equipment integrating advanced fiber laser technology, numerical control technology and precision mechanical technology.

Fiber laser cutting machine features:
1 Low cost, the laser consumes only 6-9 degrees per hour; it can blow air to cut various metal plates.
2 High performance, imported original packaged fiber laser, stable performance, service life of more than 100,000 hours.
3 High speed, from efficiency, the speed of cutting thin plates can reach tens of meters per minute.
4 The laser is free of maintenance.
5 The cutting edge has good quality, small deformation, flat appearance and beautiful appearance.
6 Using imported guide conveyor and servo motor, high cutting precision.
7 can be free to design a variety of graphics or text instant cutting, easy to operate, flexible and convenient.
Technical Parameters fiber laser cutter:
Machine model  EK-E3015
Laser generator Imported original fiber laser
Laser power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Cutting stroke 1500*3000, 1500*4000 (optional)
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Power consumption of the whole machine  <13KW <15KW <18KW
Power demand 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
The external dimensions  4700*5000mm (taking the stroke of 1500*3000mm as an example)
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