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Laser acrylic cutting machine

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Due to the large number of customizations in the advertising industry, the traditional processing methods are more numerous and the efficiency is very low. With the laser cutting machine, as long as the customer wants, after the CAD is made, the relevant materials can be directly cut out. Many complicated graphics can be quickly formed, and there is no problem in customization. And the laser cutting machine fully automatic positioning and cutting, reducing the processing steps, making the product production more efficient, faster delivery time; flexible computer layout, reducing waste space, reducing operators and related supporting facilities (such as work platforms, special fixtures) , punching machine, etc.), reduce labor costs and product costs; also reduce the number of defective products caused by human operation, the yield rate is greatly improved. Therefore, the laser cutting machine has won the favor of the decoration company.
EK1390 laser engraving machine, thickened casing, stable body, to ensure that the machine does not produce vibration, deformation and affect the accuracy of the machine, the body integrated DSP controller, can do a lot of work without a computer. Support USB, network cable. Intelligent operation, stable light speed, long life and high cost performance.
High-strength, high-stability mechanical structure, stable numerical control motion, high speed and high precision, no adjustment for long-term operation, no adjustment of engraving accuracy. Adopting flight light path design, the structure is unique, the optical path deviation is small, the stability is high, and the adjustment is convenient. Power-off memory continues to engrave, 360° slope engraving, color separation output, dot matrix output, automatic full output and other powerful and practical functions. Make carving more economical, save time and effort.
Applicable materials: Widely used for engraving, it can be used for non-metallic materials such as leather, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wood products, plastics, rubber, ceramic tiles, crystal, jade, bamboo products, granite, marble, epoxy resin.
Applicable industry: This type of machine is suitable for non-metal template cutting industry such as garment leather, template cutting, packaging and printing, advertising decoration, architectural decoration, computer embroidery cutting, handicrafts, acrylic sheet, medium density decorative board.
Parameters of laser engraving machine EK1390:

1 Machine model E1390 laser engraving machine
2 Laser power 60W/80W/100W/130W/150W
3 Laser Type CO2 closed glass tube taser
4 Power supply voltage  AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10% 60HZ
5 Largest size 1300mm * 900mm
6 Working speed  0-6000mm/min
7 Platform   Honeycomb / Aluminum Knife (up and down optional)
8 Positioning accuracy <0.01mm
9 Number of hanging cables 60 lines/line
10 Minimum forming characters Letters: 1 * 1mm
11 Working temperature 0°C-45°C
12 Resolution ≤ 4500dpi
13 Control configuration DSP
14 Data transmission interface USB
15 Driver Leisai driver
16 Motherboard system environment  Windows XP/ Windows 7
17 Cooling method  Water cooling and protection system
18 Support for graphic formats  All CORELDRAW recognizable file formats
19 Engraving thickness 0-10mm (cutting depth is for reference only, mainly depends on the material and customer's requirements for cutting quality)
20 Color separation cutting  Up to 256 layers of color separation
21 Water cut protection Yes
22 Slope carving The slope can be arbitrary
23 Packaging, Glued wooden box packaging
24 Optional accessories Advanced cooling water tank, imported focusing mirror, cylindrical / profiled roller.

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